Moonstone Rose Relic Ring - Size 6 OOAK
Moonstone Rose Relic Ring - Size 6 OOAK
$ 195.00

Moonstone Rose Relic Ring - Size 6 OOAK

One of a Kind Relic ring with a Moonstone gem set into a bezel of fine silver. The slim band is organically textured to mimic the impacts of meteors. 

This particular ring is a size 6, you will receive the one photographed (some of the hand shots are from past rings). These look great stacked with some of my other textured bands! Including my Linear Bands, Relic Bands, and Stargazer bands which give the set a cuff-like look. 


My Relic rings are limited edition and made available as I craft them in my home studio from natural, organically cut stones. As these are finished pieces ready and waiting to find a hand to adorn, these will ship out to you in 2-4 days. Each stone is unique and a freeform cut, so every Rose Relic ring made is truly one of a kind.

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